Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Fabrics and inspiration

I'm going to bite the bullet and set up an etsy shop... I've been thinking about this for about a year now and inspired by lara cameron of http://kirinote.blogspot.com/ fame. She creates beautiful patterns and is always doing something new! I've got all these ideas for patterns to go on fabric and want to print them so I can make things... not sure what yet, I'll wait for inspiration to strike when I have the fabric in my hands!

I've one pattern that works for me, but I'm not sure whether to lash out and print it in 2 colour or stick with a 1 colour version... Hmm strangely the colours have totally changed now I've uploaded it... should be dark green and burnt orange... very strange..

Another creative type I like is the lovely Aunty Cookie http://www.auntycookie.com/ who did an amazing drawing of (and for) my sister-in-law's family last year. Is there anything she can't do? AND she has kids... I really need to pull my finger out and get creating!

Can you tell I'm not up with the html thing to get the links all nice?

Another design I'm happy with is this one:

The design is organic so I would like to print it on a natural looking weave. I love the sinuous quality of the lines and can't wait to make something from it.
I have a lovely lotta jansdotter book here full of things I could make so I might just go and have a flick...

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Fig Jam

Our tree was laden with fruit so I thought I'd give jam making another go. One huge bowl of figs made just 3 jars! Might have to make some more today and fill the house with the syrupy smells.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


We grew these from the seed of some we bought at the supermarket. Almost to good to eat! We might look at them for a while longer before cooking them up!

I finally ordered some fabric yesterday! Some gorgeous hemp and cotton weaves. I've been going over all the patterns I have narrowed it down to seven...

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


I've been playing with some patterns... I want to print some up on natural fabrics like cotton and hemp. I have found some beautiful fabric and can't wait to get them printed! I just need to choose 2 designs...